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christmas. nasty storms are wreaking havoc down south. check out this twister, caught on camera when from downtown alabama. heavy rain and brought down trees and power lines. , mobile medical center windows were blown out. at this point, there are no reports of injuries. anywhere from a dusting to several inches of snow. low visibility and slick roads were blamed for a number of rocks. as the system pushes east, and what can we expect? >> after a nice, quiet day, the winter weather advisory is in effect. when you wake up tomorrow morning, you could see freezing rain, sleet, or snow to start the day.
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the beginning of a drive time could be slippery. temperatures will go up. through the afternoon, temperatures will get up to 40. initially, there could be freezing rain, sleet, or snow. >> the state highway administration says it is monitoring the weather. officials want to remind crews to be careful on the road and allow extra time. you can't hear track storms any time. see interactive radar and touch screens. many people will likely be on the road tomorrow to start exchanging christmas gifts. there is a lump of coal for retailers. retail sales are taking a hit this year. >> i think the shopper trekkers revise their estimates downward to around 3% growth in shopping.
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they are attributing that to super storm sandy and the uncertainty of the fiscal cliff. >> in all, it appears retail sales grew at the weakest pace. dairy prices could double in just a few weeks. we are live in north baltimore to explain why. >> most people have heard about the fiscal cliff. for a lot of people, the so- called dairy cliff is new. the price of a gallon of milk could go up to about $8 a gallon. shoppers are taking a detail
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around the dairy aisle. prices could double if congress does not pass the farm bill by the end of the year. >> the old subsidy was based on the 1949 production process of milk production. >> according to a university expert, if lawmakers do not come to an agreement, washington will be forced to pay farmers based on very dated calculations. >> it would translate to about $8 per gallon some time after january 1. >> as lawmakers aha new york russell with the fiscal of, some shoppers are already suffering on milk. >> we have a son, and he likes it. i am not going to continue buying it. >> customers who could start
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gravitating toward moment milk could pose -- toward almond and soy milk could cause problems for the dairy industry. >> people might find subsidies to milk. >> it affects other items, like cheese and ice cream. >> it is big in my house. but we would have to cut back. >> if there is one thing everyone can agree on -- we do not need one thing going up in price. >> right now, the national average price is about $3.55 a gallon. we would start seeing prices increased up a little bit, right after the first. we will see the highest prices sometime in march. >> city police are
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investigating two separate shootings this christmas. the most recent happened around 7:30 this morning, in northwest baltimore. officers responded to a call, and found an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg. a few hours earlier, around 1:30, officials responded to a shooting in west baltimore. when investigators arrived, they found a man with a gunshot wound to his upper body. he was taken to an area hospital. u local police investigating an early-morning shooting that left one man dead. if it happened in the 7400 block. >> police told us this all unfolded at around 6:00 this morning at a business in the glen bernie.
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the intruder was confronted by the store owner and subsequently shot. >> christmas morning, police investigate the death of a 30- year-old found shot to death in front of arundel coin and collectibles. around 6:00 tuesday morning, philip broke into a store, not knowing that someone was inside. counsel for the business, and identify that person as the store owner, jim butler. police said butler and philip got into an altercation inside the business, and philip was eventually shot. philip ran out of the business and collapsed in the parking lot. he has been having difficulties lately with people breaking into the store, which police have responded to. it is just someone broken and he was there. as far as philip, he had a vast criminal record, which included
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guilty pleas to second-degree assault, theft, drug offenses, and court appearances for in the same. so far, no charges have been filed in this case. >> authorities say they have recovered human remains where a trap was laid for firefighters in new york. officials believe the remains of the sister of the shooter. her younger brother is responsible for setting fires and ambushing first responders. the fund typewritten reports saying the shooter wanted to burn down the neighborhood, and saying, "i want to do what i do best -- killing people puzzle in connecticut today, police
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officers received a gift of time. other officers from across the state have stepped up to fill in, so every newtown police officer can spend the day at home with their families. the department has been working nonstop since the shooting that left 20 students and sex educators said. the group passed out free hot chocolate, doughnuts, and panda bears tickets on christmas eve. the archbishop is keeping his thoughts on the community. he spent 11 years as bishop of bridgeport, connecticut. today, he celebrated his first christmas in baltimore, presiding over mess. hundreds of catholics were mindful of the community. >> we are remembering them, praying for them, asking the lord to give them consolation
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and healing. and certainly to let them know how our solidarity in prayer. they have been inundated with so many things -- cards, letters, phone calls. what they need our or careers and our love. >> the archbishop spoke about newtown after celebrating mass this morning. he's is at the top of the wish list for pope benedict -- peace is at the top of the wish list for pope benedict. he offered special prayers for syria, the middle east crisis, communist china. the catholic church faces official who discrimination in china. the pope encourage arab spring nations, such as egypt, to adjust.
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for some, it was a welcome relief, or a day to rest up before big sales. >> some of us had work today, but not everyone. mother nature helped santa deliver a white christmas across much of the country, from new england to the snow-covered hills of colorado. a winter wonderland for people of all ages. and they're furry friends, too. after a last-minute shopping frenzy in malls across america -- >> i am not going over my limit. >> americans settled down for christmas. some of them this holiday in church, giving prayers' and things with their family. for americans serving in afghanistan, the christmas feast was a bittersweet reminder of life in the states, and the loved ones they left behind. >> and the opportunity to view
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of my family and mom -- to be with my family,, this job comes with a price. soldiers realize those prices. >> with america winding down its wars, there is a lot to look forward to. just in time for the holidays, these wars are back on the home front. and what better gift for christmas than a family reunion? lawmakers are not getting much of a break. they are heading back to the capital to finish their fight over the physical cliff. >> there is late word tonight that president obama will cut short his christmas holiday in hawaii. he plans to leave for washington tomorrow night. he and lawmakers will try to prevent the economy from going over the fiscal cliff. anyone who has not taken advantage of the homestead tax
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credit better act fast. if you have two days left to save hundreds of dollars at tax time. postmarked by december 31, or you will have to wait another year. its stems from legislation enacted in 2007 by the state general assembly. homeowners must apply to maintain eligibility for the credit. still ahead, aerial volunteers spent the holiday serving others. an organization will help keep hundreds and warmer this winter. and that when a missouri school did to put a smile back on their custodian's face. >> the weather is going to turn active as we had through the next of the week. partly to mostly cloudy. 36 at the airport.
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>> for area jews, it is a day of volunteering. more than 600 took part in this event. families prepared winter care packages for homeless shelters. there were hats made by members in the community. today was especially important for the young children who participated. >> i have young daughters. it is so much fun. a month and to understand the holidays are about giving back. -- i want them to understand the holidays are about giving back. >> holidays were also served at shelters around town.
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a smile is arguably the most infectious kicked in the world. when cancer took away the smile of their custodian, kid sprang into action, just in time. >> you can see it on their faces. these kids have one guy in mind. >> mr. mike? >> is almost a legend. >> who is mr. mind? >> for seven years, mike has kept the elementary school in order as custodian. he does not mind the work, and he loves the kids. >> he is one of the hardest custodians' i have ever seen work. >> he is a friendly force, whether it's helping hand of lunch or a smile to agree to kids every day. but the last three years have
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been tough on mr. mike. >> i try not to think about it, just from getting the initial diagnosis of cancer. >> it did take his teeth. mike thought he might never get teeth and all, facing more than eight $4,000 bill for a complete mike makeover. paper group of school moms would not have it. what started as a list of friends and -- >> 160 families gave $25, we could do it. >> it turned into a facebook movement. >> people were coming to the door with checks. >> and the kids sold candy brands, many sent to mr. mike himself. or even notes, written from tiny hands. >> that gets to you.
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[applause] >> so does this. the kids raised hundreds of dollars selling candy. the dentist heard, and cut his bill in half. had that to the donations from as far as colorado. four days ago, he got his new smile. >> i think it is really happy that he gets to smile again. >> your smile is the gateway to who you are. it is a beautiful. >> and that is something to smile about. >> now, your weather forecast, with our meteorologist. >> things could get a little slippery tomorrow morning, if you have to get up and hit the road.
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keep in mind there could be icy spots tomorrow. all kinds of stuff mixed up in this winter storm. severe weather out ahead of it. tornadoes have been reported on light across the gulf coast region. mississippi, alabama, and down into georgia. snow on the backside. primarily, this is going to be a rain event. the early-morning hours, if the temperatures drop below freezing, precipitation could start as freezing rain, sleet, or snow, which means ice on the roadways. , one of the things working for us is the cloud cover. clubs at night have a tendency to keep temperatures up further than they would be otherwise. the thing we have working against us is the air is dry. the do point right now is 29 at the airport. the temperature is 36 degrees. warmer air is off the water. the closer you are to the
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water, the better chance you will wake up in the morning and not have any clouds. you can already see ice in the western suburbs. 34 in frederick. typically, colder spots from north baltimore county into carol and frederick. the temperature should start below freezing. everywhere in the blue shading, which probably should include western howard has -- anywhere in the blue shading, we could see some icing tomorrow. you might see that around baltimore. but temperatures will rise around the city. and by the time you get to the mint late morning hours, he temperatures and above 33 degrees. there will be heavy rain tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening. there will be another storm
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coming in behind us for the weekend. horse saturday storm is just now coming out in northern california. that might be more of a snow event for us here in baltimore. increasing clouds. chile. if temperatures will drop to below freezing in the northern and western suburbs. during the day tomorrow, we could see freezing rain, sleet, or snow to start the day. northern suburbs, you guys are typically colder spots. rain going into the afternoon. some of it could be heavy. the high is around 40 degrees. toward the end of the week, it gets a little better. clearing up, friday looks like a nice day. if we do get a storm through here on the weekend, it looks like a good set up for snow. right now, looks like we are heading for dry weather on new
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year's. >> one of the biggest components of the ribbons victory on sunday, the play of the offensive line. hear about the guys in the trenches, hitting the final week of the regular season.
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>> the ravens will be back to work tomorrow. when they get back to work, he their mindset will not be about a losing streak or division lead. those were put to bed in downtown baltimore. the mind-set now? postseason play. and the ribbons can only improve their seating slightly. they not only need to win. they need the dolphins to upset on sunday. the baltimore has not had a bye week since the end of october, and it is a bang up group the who should take it easy. but that is typically not the mentality. >> the opportunity to play on the road, a tough environment -- these teams go at it pretty good every single time. that is something to help us build up our calluses a little
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before the playoffs. there will be a big plus for us. >> the big difference for the ravens last week was on offense. baltimore, two running backs still over the 100 yard mark. they said the most important thing that was better -- the offensive line. a huge bounce the game. it all added up hutu dominance. >> east -- it all at a double -- it all added up to dominance. >> joe also scrambled and made some plays, which was really positive. the run blocking was good. we watched for a lot of yards. those guys were really physical. the offense continues to improve, even though it is a young group. >> a big day for the n.b.a. as the season passes.
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the biggest among them -- a rematch of the finals from a year ago, the heat hosting the thunder. a matchup of first place teams on christmas day. a king james christmas. mario chalmers fines james -- jinds -- finds james. westbrook not happy. the teams had to be separated. kevin takes of the length of the floor. 96-95. james would answer on the other end. a slam-dunk. 103-87 over the thunder. to los angeles, california. the actors out in l.a. a mixed first quarter. kobe bryant doing his thing.
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we are tied at 20-20 early. jason kidd finds anthony. knicks up 8. this time is nash to howard. the knicks try to mount a comeback, but that was denied emphatically. and finishes up. the lakers' top new york 100-94. stay with us.
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>> it could be a little slippery to start the day tomorrow. if you are up early, there could be freezing rain, especially north and west of the city. then, i think it will change over to rain. the temperature around 40 by the middle of the day. a lot of rain tomorrow, but mostly liquid. you know what i mean. the slippery stuff will be early in the morning. another storm at the beginning of the weekend could produce some more snow for us. the early-morning hours tomorrow, the concern. >>
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- albert brooks, from the new movie, "django unchained," kerry washington,

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